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    Lumpy’s X-Men: First Class Review

    Hey guys Lumpy here, just got back from seeing First Class and I wanted to give my impressions on it. First of all I want to mention I’m a big X-men fan, of the Marvel films anyway, haven’t dabbled in any of the comics but that’s a past time to pick up later.

    I will try to do my best not to include any spoilers.

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    Now Ghost wants to do a series of Minecraft IRL videos.

    God help us all.


    Introducing, from the great Remy, “The Adenturer’s Pack” for Minecraft!

    Our boy Remy has just released his WIP 16x texture pack for Minecraft, titled “The Adventurer’s Pack.” It’s filled with beauty and other tasty eye-candy, and these pictures are here to prove it.

    And here’s some more yummy screenshots, just to prove to you how badass this texture pack is.

    What are you still doing, gawking at these screenshots? You should be downloading this texture pack right now. And you can do so by clicking here. Or, you can check out more screenshots and help support the project by checking out the thread here on



    "Ninja Portal!" | Portal 2 Co-Op 011 | Lumpy & Bluebear

    Lumpy says: “Sorry for not uploading this series for a while, had to re-edit I couple of them!”


    Don’t bother watching anything we upload today. Just watch E3.


    Ghost says we should do a series called “Gaming Dates.”

    For example,

    3. Have her dressed up as a ghost and you dress up as Pacman. Walk around town holding hands, and whenever anyone sees you two, pretend to be embarrassed, and run off screaming “wocka wocka wocka.”

    Now one of us just needs to get a girlfriend so we can have a female to do this with.

    Or, you know, Lumpy could fly to Canada and play dress-up with Benjamin.


    Pretty Cool Online Shenanigans 001 | COD4 Sniper Lobby | Ben, Lumpy & Remy

    [Lumpy’s POV] If you guys would like to get online and mess around in a video with us, just message or add THIS IS Lumpy on Xbox Live or Mrspiers on PSN. No epic montage attempting, just lolzing around.


    "Double Dutch With the Laser" | Portal 2: Helen Keller Edition 001 | Ghost & Benjamin

    In this new series, Benjamin guides Ghost through Portal 2. However, Benjamin has absolutely no ability to see what Ghost is doing. They must rely on one another to get through the dangers and wonders of portal-related science.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 006 | Minecraft | Ghost

    More overhangs, beautiful scenery, and sleepy commentary from your lovely, now school-free, Ghost.


    Summer is (more or less) here!

    Ghost (The most important of all of us.) just got out of school, so summer is practically here! And that means that there’s going to be a lot more productivity out of Pretty Cool Gamers than there has in the past. Not only does this mean more quality videos in greater quantities, but also a growth in our community. (And maybe a website, if we get any more competent!)

    So who else is excited for summer ‘11?