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    Introducing, from the great Remy, “The Adenturer’s Pack” for Minecraft!

    Our boy Remy has just released his WIP 16x texture pack for Minecraft, titled “The Adventurer’s Pack.” It’s filled with beauty and other tasty eye-candy, and these pictures are here to prove it.

    And here’s some more yummy screenshots, just to prove to you how badass this texture pack is.

    What are you still doing, gawking at these screenshots? You should be downloading this texture pack right now. And you can do so by clicking here. Or, you can check out more screenshots and help support the project by checking out the thread here on



    Pretty Cool Seeds 006 | Minecraft | Ghost

    More overhangs, beautiful scenery, and sleepy commentary from your lovely, now school-free, Ghost.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 005 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Countless overhangs and beautiful valleys await you, as well as ramblings concerning PCG from an ill Ghost!

    Seed: dup dup dup
    x: -240
    y: 105
    z: -127


    "Pickaxes, the Hardcore Way" | MineKraft 001 | Ghost

    In the very first episode of MineKraft, Ghost shows you how to make a pickaxe… The badass way.

    MineKraft is an incredibly hardcore and super rad short series in which Minecrafters are shown, step-by-step, how to make simple objects and perform menial tasks in the world of Minecraft in the most badass ways possible. MineKraft is only for those are intensely hardcore, and we strongly discourage anyone who has a feeble heart or weak constitution.


    "A Distasteful Beginning" | Misadventures of Minecraft Guy 001 | Ghost

    The Misadventures of Minecraft Guy is a series in which a narrative is created within Minecraft, and then acted out all by a single lonely, angry, and confused man known simply as Minecraft Guy. This series is meant to simulate the thoughts of a man stranded, all alone, in the world of Minecraft. With a twist.

    Watch as Minecraft Guy travels about searching for answers to questions that are wholly ridiculous, all whilst being tormented by creepy signs and ranting about how insipidly stupid everything is.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 004 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Ghost sees your beautiful overhangs and raises you several more beautiful overhangs. In this episode of Pretty Cool Seeds, Ghost derps it up and flies about a beautiful landscape.

    Seed: -780636540
    x: 0.5
    y: 65.62000000476837
    z: 0.5


    Pretty Cool Seeds 003.5 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Lumpy shares a seed with Ghost, and Ghost is absolutely shocked at what he finds. Also Lumpy is not a sex god.


    "How (Not) to Survive Your First Night" | Minecraft | Ghost

    Ghost shows you the best way to (not) survive in Minecraft! There are several important tips for all you beginners that you should definitely (not) follow, without exception!

    Remember: diamonds are useless, cows are spies, and Buddhist symbols form protective auras! And, for good measure: everyone needs hoes.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 003 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Ass-kissing Notch really has its benefits! In this deity-gratifying seed, “notch is supreme ruler of minecraft”, a tree of life, beautiful cliffs and formations, and a ridiculously large waterfall await you.

    Seed: notch is supreme ruler of minecraft
    x: 92.26092144677892
    y: 65.62000000476837
    z: -114.73238414009002

    Credit goes to eKitty over on for originally finding this seed. :)