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    "Double Dutch With the Laser" | Portal 2: Helen Keller Edition 001 | Ghost & Benjamin

    In this new series, Benjamin guides Ghost through Portal 2. However, Benjamin has absolutely no ability to see what Ghost is doing. They must rely on one another to get through the dangers and wonders of portal-related science.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 006 | Minecraft | Ghost

    More overhangs, beautiful scenery, and sleepy commentary from your lovely, now school-free, Ghost.


    Elite Discussion | Call of Duty | Benjamin

    Benjamin gives his two cents on the whole Call of Duty Elite “fiasco.”


    Pretty Cool Seeds 005 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Countless overhangs and beautiful valleys await you, as well as ramblings concerning PCG from an ill Ghost!

    Seed: dup dup dup
    x: -240
    y: 105
    z: -127


    Brink | First Impressions | Benjamin

    Benjamin tells us all about his first thoughts on the new game, Brink.


    "Pickaxes, the Hardcore Way" | MineKraft 001 | Ghost

    In the very first episode of MineKraft, Ghost shows you how to make a pickaxe… The badass way.

    MineKraft is an incredibly hardcore and super rad short series in which Minecrafters are shown, step-by-step, how to make simple objects and perform menial tasks in the world of Minecraft in the most badass ways possible. MineKraft is only for those are intensely hardcore, and we strongly discourage anyone who has a feeble heart or weak constitution.


    "A Distasteful Beginning" | Misadventures of Minecraft Guy 001 | Ghost

    The Misadventures of Minecraft Guy is a series in which a narrative is created within Minecraft, and then acted out all by a single lonely, angry, and confused man known simply as Minecraft Guy. This series is meant to simulate the thoughts of a man stranded, all alone, in the world of Minecraft. With a twist.

    Watch as Minecraft Guy travels about searching for answers to questions that are wholly ridiculous, all whilst being tormented by creepy signs and ranting about how insipidly stupid everything is.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 004 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Ghost sees your beautiful overhangs and raises you several more beautiful overhangs. In this episode of Pretty Cool Seeds, Ghost derps it up and flies about a beautiful landscape.

    Seed: -780636540
    x: 0.5
    y: 65.62000000476837
    z: 0.5


    Zoo | Black Ops: Escalation | Benjamin

    Benjamin talks a little talk about “Zoo”, one of the four new multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack.


    Pretty Cool Seeds 003.5 | Minecraft | Ghost

    Lumpy shares a seed with Ghost, and Ghost is absolutely shocked at what he finds. Also Lumpy is not a sex god.