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    "Ninja Portal!" | Portal 2 Co-Op 011 | Lumpy & Bluebear

    Lumpy says: “Sorry for not uploading this series for a while, had to re-edit I couple of them!”


    Summer is (more or less) here!

    Ghost (The most important of all of us.) just got out of school, so summer is practically here! And that means that there’s going to be a lot more productivity out of Pretty Cool Gamers than there has in the past. Not only does this mean more quality videos in greater quantities, but also a growth in our community. (And maybe a website, if we get any more competent!)

    So who else is excited for summer ‘11?


    Elite Discussion | Call of Duty | Benjamin

    Benjamin gives his two cents on the whole Call of Duty Elite “fiasco.”


    "Original Game Clips n Stuff” | Call of Duty Funtage | Lumpy

    WARNING: Explicit Lyrics.

    Just some fun clips, mostly bad hitmarkers, RPG’ing and some fun Black Ops gameplay, just for some lolz and to waste more of mine and your time.

    Song: Riverside - Sidney Samson


    "Sweet as a Nut" | Portal 2 Co-Op 010 | Lumpy & Bluebear

    Orange gets penalized 75 science collaboration point and it sucks.


    "Leap of Faith" | Portal 2 Co-Op 007 | Lumpy & Bluebear

    "You have to trust me!"


    Brink | First Impressions | Benjamin

    Benjamin tells us all about his first thoughts on the new game, Brink.


    Some people ask when the next Pretty Cool Seeds will be out…


    "Pickaxes, the Hardcore Way" | MineKraft 001 | Ghost

    In the very first episode of MineKraft, Ghost shows you how to make a pickaxe… The badass way.

    MineKraft is an incredibly hardcore and super rad short series in which Minecrafters are shown, step-by-step, how to make simple objects and perform menial tasks in the world of Minecraft in the most badass ways possible. MineKraft is only for those are intensely hardcore, and we strongly discourage anyone who has a feeble heart or weak constitution.