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    Elite Discussion | Call of Duty | Benjamin

    Benjamin gives his two cents on the whole Call of Duty Elite “fiasco.”


    Brink | First Impressions | Benjamin

    Benjamin tells us all about his first thoughts on the new game, Brink.


    Zoo | Black Ops: Escalation | Benjamin

    Benjamin talks a little talk about “Zoo”, one of the four new multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation map pack.


    Pretty Cool (Gaming) Question of the Day?

    Who is your favorite character from Portal 2, dialogue-wise? i.e., who made you laugh the hardest?

    A. Cave Johnson

    B. Wheatley

    C. GLaDOs


    56-7, Domination on Firing Range | COD:BO MP Commentary 001 | Remy


    "How Can You Fail At This?" | Portal 2 CO-OP 001 | Lumpy & Bluebear

    Two British guys solve some puzzles.